One of the most cumbersome tasks facing organisations today is that of maintaining duplicate records across all of their various disparate systems. Aside from the time-consuming nature of this burden, experience shows that sooner or later the records will not be kept up-to-date and errors will creep into the data. Accurate reporting and access to data, in this scenario, is almost impossible.



In order to facilitate the extraction of data from RITEQ WFM for both hosted and on premise installations, RITEQ has developed a secure JSON serialised REST based API that will make it easy to share all relevant workforce management related data with external systems such as HRIS, Payroll, ERP, POS and Business Analytics. All API calls are supported across new releases so that upgrades to RITEQ WFM do not impact any extended features.

RITEQ WFM Payroll/HR Interface

RITEQ Workforce Manager’s Payroll/HR Interface functionality solves this issue of duplication. Given that the Payroll/HR system is (almost) guaranteed to be up-to-date for obvious reasons, RITEQ WFM simply synchronises its employee master file with that of the Payroll/HR system, providing a single point of entry. With Payroll/HR as the Master and RITEQ WFM as the Slave, any changes that are made in Payroll/HR (new/terminated employees, biographical details, rates of pay, leave balances etc.) are automatically changed in RITEQ WFM.

The RITEQ API provides access to key business data:

  • Employee properties including Skills, Licences, Availability, Leave Balances, Pay Rules and Rates
  • Scheduled (rostered) shifts, – Shift Count, Hours, Costs ,Org Level, Shift Type, Employee Type and Job Code
  • Actual (Worked) shifts, – Shift Count, Hours, Costs ,Org Level, Shift Type, Employee Type and Job Code
  • Alert and Notifications related data
  • Workload Demand related data including forecasted and actual by time of day

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