Get an immediate look at crucial information allowing management to make better business decisions, faster. The ability to identify and react to specific events and trends via dashboards returns tangible labour savings by promoting the accountability of managers and supervisors.

Dashboards are interactive with full drill-down capabilities, presenting significant benefits over generated reports. There is no need to search for information, summaries are at the ready and details are only a click away.

The library of Dashboards is designed to provide applicable data to a range of “user classes” such as Operations, HR, Payroll, or Finance. All classes are included in the standard build of RITEQ Workforce Manager.

Manager Action Centre

The Manager Action Centre dashboard provides a live view of current and future events, such as who just clocked off, who is about to clock on, who is about to require a break, who is running late and who is about to go into overtime.

Alert and Notification Summary

This is a summary of status information across your workforce, such as who has not shown up for work, who is about to go into overtime and who needs to go on a break . All alerts and notifications may be transmitted via email or SMS.

Task List

The Task List Dashboard provides an instant summary of the user’s workload such as timesheet authorisation requests, leave and availability requests and other messages.

Employee Coverage

This Dashboard provides a graphical summary of scheduled vs actual employee coverage, using live data, whenever you need it.

Exception Summary

This Dashboard gives you a summary of all exceptions to attendance rules. Who hasn’t shown up for work, who showed up late and who finished late? See it all at a glance via our Exceptions Summary Dashboard.

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