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David Kroser

Managing Director Read Bio

With more than 20 years of experience in IT and software, David is responsible for the overall management and direction of RITEQ. An entrepreneur at heart, David has been involved in a number of successful start-ups including Daemar, an electronics manufacturing business that he started in Johannesburg and that was acquired prior to him immigrating to Australia in 1996. In 1998 David co-founded DigiPOS Store Solutions in a partnership with South African listed MB Technologies. Together with Jason Holdsworth, David founded RITEQ in 2001 and has been instrumental in growing sales in Australia and Internationally.

Jason Holdsworth

Chief Operating Officer Read Bio

With more than 20 years’ experience in software solutions, Jason is currently responsible for all operational departments within RITEQ placing a strong emphasis on providing value to its customers. He began his professional career in sales, quickly elevating to management before eventually starting his first business as a distributor of a POS solutions in 1999. His speciality over the past 10 years for RITEQ has been expansion into new markets in the UK and Asia. Jason’s passion is bringing people together in a way that fosters growth and collaboration, enabling them to create value in both service and solutions. Jason is the co-founder of RITEQ, along with David Kroser, and continues to play a lead role in the growth of the company.

Jane Clarke

Chief Financial Officer Read Bio

Jane’s extensive finance experience spans industries including Technology, Finance, and Legal. She is a highly skilled finance professional and business leader, adept at guiding the C-Suite in statutory obligations,  budgeting, and forecasting, evaluation of new business proposals, pricing scenarios, competitive analysis and benchmarking. Jane has lead multiple finance teams in multinational bluechip companies. She joined RITEQ in 2014, as Chief Financial Officer and has spearheaded cost-saving initiatives, process improvements, and system implementations.

Craig Wenham

Director of Sales Read Bio

Craig Wenham began at RITEQ in 2011 as a Business Development Manager and has worked his way up to the Director of Sales. His competitive nature and team spirit were fostered early in his career, through high-level cricket, basketball and ultra marathon running. Craig is a highly dedicated and empathetic leader.  He has a strong desire to see his team and his customers succeed. Craig had the unique perspective of being a RITEQ client implementing and using the RITEQ product before joining the company. His overarching experience across many industries is strongly backed by his consultative approach and workforce management knowledge. Contact Craig at or 0413 514 756

Adam Nachman

Chief Technology Officer Read Bio

Adam has been building and breaking things for more than two decades. His experience ranges across multiple industries, from his beginning building HR systems in the 90’s before moving into telemetry and fleet management software, payment processing, mobile social media with massive data volumes and finally joining RITEQ in late 2013. Adam provides the technical strategy, thought leadership and guidance for the technical aspects of RITEQ, including the software development, architecture, automation and hosted SaaS platform on which the RITEQ platform runs.

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