Your People Analytics Partner

What questions do you have about your workforce? Do you know how to predict which employees are a flight risk? Or how to measure the health and well being of your staff?

We understand that getting a Payroll and HR project prioritised within your internal business intelligence team can be a challenge. This is where we can help.

Benefits of using RITEQ’s Analytics as a Service:

  • Faster turn around time than your internal business intelligence department
  • More cost effective than your internal business intelligence team
  • World leading people insights intelligence
  • Consultative approach
  • Access from anywhere

We do the cumbersome data retrieval for you

Getting data from multiple sources can be a challenge. You may have your HR and Payroll data stored across many systems.  We do all the extraction of the data for you. Whether it is RITEQ Workforce Manager (WFM), other Workforce Management systems, Your HR system, Payroll or Point of Sale systems. We transform and cleanse the data into an optimised state, ready for data analysis using the RITEQ Datamart.




tablet screen dashboard custom workforce performance metrics

People Analytics as a Service

  • Your metrics are easily accessible via the cloud.
  • Use our Pre-Packaged metrics or we can build your custom designed metrics.
  • 30 plus years People Analytics experience
laptop with graphs and pie charts

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