Health and Aged Care Workforce Management Software

Labour represents a major cost burden for any healthcare delivery organisation. You need to effectively manage labour budgets so you can dedicate resources to providing optimal care. Thanks to a diverse range of roles, myriad rate adjustments and cuts in Federal and State spending, this can be quite a headache. RITEQ’s Workforce Management (WFM) solution is here to help.

reduce labour cost icon

Control labour costs

patient care icon

Dedicate time and resources to patient care

reduce time consuming processes

Reduce time consuming processes such as rostering and award interpretations

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Quickly and easily identify available staff and rostering solutions

compliance icon

Optimise costs based on occupancy rates

ess icon

Improve employee engagement through Employee Self Service (ESS) features

Benefits of WFM for Health and Aged Care:

  • Minimise risk
  • Balance between managing labour costs and offering quality care
  • Improve employee productivity and engagement through Employee Self-Service (ESS)
  • Improve time management via automation
  • Identify alternative staff to fill critical shifts
  • Capture hours worked for all employees, driving accurate pay across the organisation
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