Analytics exposes the “why” as opposed to the “what”. Quickly explore trends, outliers, exceptions, top end analysis and what might happen in the future.

A BI Tool on its own is of limited use. The key to extracting knowledge from data requires well thought out data science and analysis on top of a foundation of solid data management and close integration between systems.

RITEQ Analytics

The complete solution to provide insights into optimising your workforce, using the three pillars:

  • RITEQ Datamart
  • RITEQ BI Solution
  • Data Integration Services

RITEQ Analytics is offered as an integrated component of RITEQ Workforce Manager or as a standalone Business Intelligence Solution

Data Integration Services

Providing the ultimate in business intelligence, you can choose to integrate data from any number of sources including:

  • HR and Finance System
  • POS Solutions
  • ERP/MRP System
  • Call Centre
  • Payroll
  • Big Data and presence solutions

and virtually any other data source…

RITEQ Datamart

A robust datamart is the backbone of your business intelligence system. It is the accuracy and depth of information that ensures reliability in your data so you can get the most out of it for your business. RITEQ Datamart extracts information from RITEQ Workforce Manager (WFM), transforms and cleanses it into a optimised state, ready for data analysis.

RITEQ BI Solution

The full-function, feature-rich, online BI tool-set puts the power of visual analysis into the hands of the end-user. Give your staff centralised access to data and analysis instead of turning every user into a report author.


  • Email integration
  • Map-based data visibility
  • Exception based highlighting
  • Advanced scheduling engine
  • Data driven batch reporting sent to recipients based on data content
  • Chart for immediate notification like Gantt, process flow, gauges and dials
  • Analytic explorer allowing you to graphically explore any spreadsheet style report by any attribute or dimension

Benefits of RITEQ Analytics:

  • Be more responsive to business conditions
  • Integrate data from various aspects of your business
  • Centralise your data management
  • Focused target areas for various stakeholders in the business
  • Enable role-based visibility to make sure everyone has the data they need
  • Reduce data entry with dynamic population of mail-merges and forms
  • Deploy via web to minimise initial outlay and reduce deployment timeframe
  • Expand on-demand with less need for detailed capacity planning thanks to our flexible service model
  • Deal with industry leading data specialists
  • Target specific departments with our tactical solution

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