Generate rosters that accurately reflect your business resource needs, employee preference and statutory work rules

With RITEQ Workforce Manager (WFM) rosters can be viewed and compiled in simple weekly cell-based format, or daily template-driven, coverage-based scheduling. Creating rosters is a snap utilising functionality like drag and drop, shift bidding and Autofill.

Whether your need is for a simple repetitive pre-set or more dynamic multi-site coverage-based schedule, RITEQ WFM’s Rostering tool has deep functionally yet is no more complicated to use than an Excel spread sheet. Our scheduling module will maximise your workforce potential and maintain the critical balance between meeting service expectations and reducing payroll costs.

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Seamless Integration

To ensure all critical information is at your fingertips during the build process, RITEQ WFM offers seamless integration with modules such as:

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Time and Attendance

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Award Interpretation

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Skills and Licences

workload demand

Workload Demand Planning

RITEQ’s schedule alerts are real time, configurable warnings and blockers ensuring rosters not only meet operational needs but also warn of expensive overtime patterns, shift clashes, skill and licence compliance gaps. Use alerts to help ensure minimum engagement requirements are met, budgets are adhered to and much more. Implement scheduling controls with RITEQ alerts.

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Guessing how many and which employees you need when planning and building rosters is destined to either blow out your labour budget or leave you understaffed and underproductive. Even worse, it may burden your organisation with serious compliance risks. RITEQ WFM’s planning and rostering solutions resolve these issues by providing you with easy-to-use tools for optimising the deployment of your workforce.

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Effective allocation of and adherence to budgets is critical but challenging, particularly for businesses with a widespread workforce. The key to effective labour budgeting is a solution that allows for the easy setup, input & management of budgeting data while providing visibility, control and analysis at the rostering and reporting levels.

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Forecast and Plan

Whether you’re rostering weekly, fortnightly or monthly this step in the process ensures you create an accurate forecast of role based resource requirements to meet your anticipated workload. RITEQ WFM offers simple pre-defined template libraries, allows you to import from previous rosters and extends to an optional Workload Demand Planner to assist in creating the perfect resourcing plan to meet demand and budget.

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Building your schedule is quick and easy when your budget and plan are combined with information such as employee availability, leave allocation and skills plus scheduling rules and alerts, all in one simple screen. The end goal is an optimised roster that meets service or production level requirements in a cost-effective manner while ensuring business objectives and employee requirements are met.

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Once the roster build process is completed, the essential task of advising employees of upcoming shifts is easy with RITEQ WFM. Communicate to staff via a variety of methods including SMS, e-mail and the employee self service kiosk.

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Optimise your work schedules to support customer service

Ensure the right number of people are in the right place, at the right time. RITEQ Workload Demand Planner is customisable to account for the demand drivers particular to your industry and company.

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