Whether you prefer an On-Premise or a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, RITEQ Workforce Manager (WFM) provides a rich and interactive user experience. Our software is designed from the ground up, for centralised delivery and has low bandwidth requirements. This ensures that all users can access information and complete important workforce management tasks 24/7.

On-Premise Deployment

If you wish to leverage your internal IT hosting capabilities, an on-premise deployment may be the way to go. RITEQ assists with hardware configuration requirements, installation and on-going support advice. Robust on-premise environments can be accessed by users via WAN or VPN.

on premise deployment

Software as a Service (SaaS)

If you do not have the in-house capability for hosting, the RITEQ WFM SaaS model supports access via the internet to high availability servers located in secure Australian and global tier one data centres.

The RITEQ SaaS platform is delivered from multiple virtual servers in our own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). This virtual infrastructure is distributed over two physical data centres in Sydney, which are staffed around the clock by trained security guards. In Australia, all data remains within the two data centres and does not get replicated to any off shore facilities.

cloud software deployment

Reduced Costs and Risks

Get immediate benefits from a SaaS delivered solution:

  • Minimal upfront capital expenditure with no need to setup in-house infrastructure
  • Predictable monthly subscription fees
  • Scalability according to business needs
  • Low, long term cost of ownership
  • Quick deployment – our SaaS environment is ready to go
  • Professional monitoring of the hosting environment to ensure optimal performance and user experience
  • Regular maintenance means your software is always up to date
  • Full disaster recovery provides you with high availability and minimised risk

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