RITEQ Workforce Manager offers a multitude of options for the capture of employee work and break times including:

time clocks

Time Clocks

touchscreen kiosk

Touch Screen Kiosk

pc clocking in


pos terminal

POS Terminal

mobile clocking in


electronic timesheet

Electronic Timesheet

clocking in telephone


Detailed Reporting

RITEQ WFM Time & Attendance passes approved timesheets into the Award Interpreter to calculate and aggregate hours and units as well as provide accurate labour costs and ensure compliance to statutory regulations. Detailed Time & Attendance reporting includes tardiness, exceptions and costing.

Precision Control

Easily set-up exception rules and thresholds at every level within the system. Control time and attendance by site, department and even down to the individual employee level. Reduce the time supervisors and managers spend on assessment and approvals, as most exceptions are automatically tracked by the system.

Put an end to cumbersome and inaccurate tracking and processing of employee timesheets and absence management by:

  • Ensuring managers only deal with a small number of exceptions
  • Providing consistent grace periods and rounding rules
  • Highlighting issues around compliance to statutory regulations
  • Allocating and splitting worked time across the correct cost centres and shift types
  • Allocating and splitting worked time across projects, tasks and even customers
  • Factoring in charge out rates for client/customer invoicing while providing real-time visibility and control of labour cost
  • Allowing full control of rounding rules and tolerance setting across different areas and roles of the business

RITEQ Time & Attendance benefits and features include:

  • Graphical view of rostered vs actual shifts
  • Live shift costing information and dashboard summary of exceptions
  • Colour coded exception report that highlights what exceptions have occurred
  • User configurable auditing of changes made to timesheets including pre-set reasons, mandatory comments etc.
  • Real ROI due to pro-active live alerting of impending situations such as an employee about to work overtime
  • Workflow to easily find and assign employees to cover shifts at short notice
  • SMS broadcasting of available shifts and employee acceptance

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